While we do have an open door policy for our parents, visitors are escorted at all times while in our facility and are not allowed into our center without identification.  We also require our parents and staff to carry  identification with them at all times.  Only staff and enrolled families of Uncle Sam’s Academy are given our entry codes.  The door code is not to be shared with others outside the immediate family.  Uncle Sam’s Academy periodically resets the door code as deemed necessary.


Each room has an emergency evacuation plan posted near the door showing two exit paths from the room. 


Uncle Sam’s Academy will have a fire drill every month at various times of the day. They are viewed seriously, as if there were an actual fire, and all children are exited quickly from the building. We re-locate to our “safe zone” at the YWCA.

Primary Exit is out the main entrance and next door to the Wyandotte Workforce Center at 552 State Ave. - secondary option from the main center entrance - to the West along State Avenue, left at the light crossing State Avenue and up to Minnesota Avenue, crossing Minnesota Avenue and right to the main library.

Secondary exit out of the facility through the back door of the center through the hallway into the main corridor of the courthouse and out the front door and to the left to the evacuation site at 400 State Avenue.

TORNADO and Severe Storm

Uncle Sam’s Academy will practice tornado drills each year. In the event of a tornado warning in which taking cover is advised, the Director will announce the alert. 

The children will exit the back door of the facility into the hallway and sit close together along the wall in the back hallway. 


Uncle Sam’s Academy will have two practice evacuation drills each year. We retreat to a high floor within the building that is known and has been authorized by DHS, GSA and the director as our shelter in place. In the event of emergency, the center will follow the directions of the Federal Emergency Plan. The Director will inform the staff if she is notified of a planned shelter in place exercise. Emergency personnel will supervise the relocation.

The children will exit the facility using the back door of the center.  The children will take the freight elevator up to the 5th floor.


Uncle Sam’s Academy will have two practice evacuation drills each year. In the event of emergency evacuation, the center will follow the directions of the Federal Emergency Plan. The Director will inform the staff if she is notified of a planned evacuation. Emergency personnel will supervise evacuation. If possible, parents will be called. Children will be released only to persons authorized for pickup under normal school operations. Children will be signed out on a record sheet when they are picked up. Children will be re-located to the following locations:

Staging Area: 
Wyandotte County Workforce Center
552 State Ave.
Kansas City, KS.

Two Block Site      Alternate SIte
Gateway Tower II
400 State Avenue
Kansas City, KS. 
  KCK Public Library
625 Minnesota Ave.
Kansas CIty, KS.
Two Mile Site   Ten Mile Site
Corporate Kids 601
Bolling Federal Building
601 E. 12th St.
Kansas City, MO 64119
  Children International
2000 E. Red Bridge Rd.
Kansas City, MO 64131



Uncle Sam’s Academy will notify the child's parent(s), guardian(s), or authorized person immediately in the event of a serious accident or illness requiring emergency care.  First aid shall be administered by a qualified staff member.  FPS will be notified by use of the panic button.  The local ambulance service shall provide emergency care.  IN the event that a child is transported to a hospital, his/her health summary and signed Authorization for Emergency Medical Care shall be sent along.  A staff member shall accompany the child until the arrival of the parent(s), guardian(s), or authorized person


Uncle Sam’s Academy will follow the directions of the Fire Department as to whether we need to evacuate and relocate.